Daily intake of supplements is essential for everyone. They help our body cope with stress; they prevent a lot of diseases and help to get rid of various illnesses . "Micellar Vitamins" is a highly effective supplement that will improve your quality of life.

The product is unique due to the special scientific technology used for its production. This technology is called micellar technologies(R) and involves the production of biosimilar micelles, which increases the nutrients absorption in the body. Without them, our bodies absorbs only 10-15% of vitamins and minerals from food or supplements, but with micelles our body absorption  increases to 80-90%. Here are the advantages of this product:

Unique character: biologically active additives are produced according to the recipe.

Bioavailability. Each capsule contains natural substances, which are easily absorbed by our body with the help of micelles

High quality. We guarantee that all products are reliable and highly qualitative. They will only benefit the body.

Coenzyme Q10 + alpha lipoic acid is a product recommended for people with high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart failure, periodontal disease, as well as for smokers and those who lead an active lifestyle.

Alpha lipoic acid helps efficiently transform carbohydrates into energy, and is an excellent antioxidant.  

Coenzyme Q10 normalizes metabolism, prevents cells premature aging and strengthens the immune system. It is recommended for diabetes.

CURCUMIN is a preparation, which strengthens the immune system, refreshes, and increases working capacity. Curcumin, which is the main component, is extracted from the natural turmeric. It keeps you from developing a cold or flu. In addition, it relieves from stress and depression. 

CURCUMIN is recommended for cancer prevention and people fighting cancer. This product enhances the body's ability to fight cancer cells. The substance helps prevent tuberculosis and recover more quickly from this disease. It prevents the stones formation in the gall and liver, helps lose weight and improves collagen production. It is recommended for everyone, who wants to live longer, keep being young, recover from existing diseases and prevent the new ones.

Coenzyme Q10. A product recommended as a Coenzyme Q10 additional source. This substance has a lot of useful properties. It works as an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals. It supports the organs for proper function at an older age, slows down the aging process,  and increases diseases resistance. 

Q10 is useful for people with weakened myocardium, it saves from high blood pressure, protects against thrombosis, and relieves from arrhythmias. It lengthens lifetime period for those suffering from the breast or prostate cancer, reduces bleeding gums, and slows down the Alzheimer's disease development.

ADEK is a vitamin complex containing vitamins A, E, D, K. They improve metabolism, makes your skin better, strengthen bones, teeth, hair and nails. It also helps the nervous system ]and strengthen muscles. They improve blood circulation, guarantee its normal coagulability, and normalizes the male and female reproductive systems work.  These vitamins also help people who suffer from asthma and diabetes.

Micellation - Encapsulation at Nano-Level

A transport system according to Nature's principle as a prerequisite for the absorption and digestion of lipids

Prof. Dr. Elstner

Technical University Munich

Prof. Dr. Ing. Kulozik

Technical University Munich

Dr. Weiser


Prof. Dr. Ing. Weiss

University of Hohenheim

Prof. Dr. J. Kreuter

Goethe University Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. K.-D. Jany

Technical University Hamburg Harburg

Prof. Dr. H. Rehage

Technical University Dortmund

Prof. Dr. Ing. Back

Technical University Munich

Prof. Dr. Biesalski

University of Hohenheim

Prof. Dr. Weber

Beuth University Berlin

Prof. Dr. J. B. Dressman

Goethe University Frankfurt

Physiological mixed micelles - fundamental for lipid resorption

The digestion and absorption of nutritional fats (principally triglycerides) in human beings is a process which is characterized by a number of different steps. The first step in fat digestion is the formation of an emulsion of the disperse lipids. In the stomach the hydrolysis (lipolysis) of the triglycerides in free fatty acids, monoglycerides and glycerol then follows through gastric lipases. About 20 - 30% of the complete lipolysis of nutritional fats occurs in the stomach. The lipolysis is terminated in the small intestine (duodenum and upper part of the jejunum) by the influence of the pancreatic lipase and colipase. The lipolysis products which are insoluble in water are released in the form of water-soluble mixed micelles to the cells of the small intestine for absorption. The water-soluble mixed micelles are molecular aggregates of fatty acids, monoglycerides, cholesterols, phospholipids, fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants and conjugated bile acids. They are formed when the concentration of the conjugated bile acids is higher than their "critical micelle formation concentration" (CMC). The physiological micelle facilitates the transport and the release of the water-insoluble products of the lipolysis and of other fat-soluble molecules via the so-called "unstirred water layer", which is located on the luminal cell membrane of the small intestine, to the point of resorption.

Limiting factors in the efficient formation of a physiological micelle are primarily the availability of conjugated bile acids. If the duodenal concentration of the conjugated bile acids is below their CMC, substantial disturbance to the micellation occurs. Reduced availability of pancreatic lipases, variations in the intraduodenal pH value and a reduced supply of bile liquid can prevent the optimum physiological micellation. Under some circumstances this may lead to essential fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants being poorly ingested or not ingested at all.

The product micelle (see below) is not subject to these physiological variations and can thus be regarded as a natural "smart transport and delivery system" or one that is analogous to the natural principle. Micellar structures on the nanoscale are found, for example, in foodstuffs such as milk (casein submicelle with a diameter between 10 - 20 nm) or the hen's egg (LDL and HDL cholesterol micelle with a diameter between 20 - 60 nm).

A remarkable property of the micelle is the capability of encapsulating non-polar lipids, antioxidants and fatsoluble vitamins in order to transport them in this manner in an aqueous medium (e.g. in the gastrointestinal fluid). Thus, water-insoluble organic compounds can be rendered water-soluble with the aid of micelles.

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Micellar structures - all-pervasive principle of nature

Micelles are spherical particles with a diameter of 10 - 200 nanometers. They are found in:

  1. natural foodstuffs, such as milk,
  2. natural foodstuffs, such as the hen's egg,
  3. the natural, human, physiological mixed micelle,
  4. the product micelle.
1 2 3 4
Milk: Casein Micelle and Casein submicelle Hen's egg: LDL micelle Human being: Physiological micelle Solubilisate: Product micelle (e.g.. Vitamin E)

D = 50 – 250 nm / D = 10 – 20 nm D = 20 – 60 nm D = ≤ 50 nm D ≈ 30 nm
Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Kulozik, TU München / Schmidt, 1980; Walstra und Jennes, 1984; Fox, 1989 Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Kulozik, TU München Dr. Evelyn Back, Prof. H. K. Biesalski, (Taschenatlas der Ernährung, Uni Hohenheim) AQUANOVA, TU Darmstack

The product micelle - implementing the natural principle in products

The structure of the product micelle, with a size of appr. 30 nm, is similar to the structure of the naturally formed physiological mixed micelle containing water-insoluble compounds in its core which is enclosed by ambiphilic molecules. The chemical or molecular structures of the micellized ingredients are fully retained in the product micelle. The product micelle is chemically and mechanically stable and is also stable in gastric acid. It releases the ("transported") fat-soluble compound enclosed in it chemically unmodified to the luminal cell membranes of the small intestine for absorption. That the transported fat-soluble compounds (vitamins & antioxidants) remain completely unchanged in the product micelle is shown by determining the content in the solubilisate itself (HPLC analysis) and the concentration of these unchanged compounds. The higher bioavailability, which is obtained by the product micellation, is based on the independence of this transport system from the limiting parameters in the formation of the physiological mixed micelle. It is important to appreciate the product micelle's character as an "encapsulation and transport medium". This must not be confused with "nanoparticles" which are often spoken about in nanotechnology and which, for example, are used in sun lotions or technical applications such as surface sealing. In contrast to these substances, the substances encapsulated in the product micelle are a natural object of metabolism or physiological processing in the human body. In addition, no new types of substances or nanoparticles are used in the formation of the product micelle.


Nanostructures in the form of micelles have great potential in improving the efficiency of the transport, release and absorption of nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds in functional foods (smart transport and delivery system). In principle the micelle can increase the controlled release and the bioavailability of the enclosed bioactive compounds.

Due to the solubilization of lipophilic raw materials and active ingredients, such as vitamin E, ß-carotene or coenzyme Q10, so-called product micelles can be produced, which are similar in the size, shape and functionality to the natural, physiological micelle. In this respect the molecules of the micellated (encapsulated) raw materials and active ingredients are not modified. Since the natural micelle formation, hence Nature, is mimicked by the solubilization, the requirement of a toxicological reassessment of a solubilisate is in no way required. The components of the product micelle have been assessed individually and do not change their toxicological profile due to the micellation.

This document has been created with the involvement of the CEO from AQUANOVA AG, Darmstadt Dipl.-Ing. Dariush Behnam for the purpose of differentiation nanoscaled colloidal carrier systems to anorganic nanoparticles (NEM).

Research Article Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 2014, 58, 516–527

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C. Schiborr, et al., The oral bioavailability of curcumin from micronized powder and liquid micelles is significantly increased in healthy humans and differs between sexes, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 2014, in press

Overall, based on all data generated, clear differences in bioavailability between the formulations have been found, although, in contrast to other studies, standardized conditions for all formulations, whether fat or water soluble, were guaranteed, resulting in equal absorption opportunities for all of them.

Looking at the AUC, the major indicator for bioavailability, NovaSOL Q 3% (F) is superior followed by NovaSOL Q 5% (A) and CoQ-Gel (D). The results show clear superiority of the water soluble solutions over oil based suspensions, i.e. CoQsol (C) and Nature Made CoQ (E) as well as over straight CoQ 10 (B)

Looking at long time supplementation and the rate at which the steady state is reached, NovaSOL Q 5% (A) is clearly superior to all other formulations.

  • Straight CoQ10 (hard gels) has the slowest absorption and the lowest bioavailability (BV) although given with fat
  • NovaSOL Q has overall the best BV of all preparations
  • AUC0-4h ratios between formulations and straight CoQ10:
    • Straight CoQ10 (B): 1.0
    • CoQsol (C): 1.6
    • Nature Made (E): 1.7
    • CoQ-Gel (D): 3.1
    • NovaSOL Q 5% (A): 3.3
    • NovaSOL Q 3% (F): 4.0
  • NovaSOL Q 5% shows the fastest increase in the blood and reaches the steady state first (7days) followed by E = F > B = D > C

NovaSOL®  technology has the GRAS and FDA safety confirmation.

NovaSOL production and products comply with the ISO 22000, GMP-Pharma, Kosher, HALAL and HACCP strictest industry standards. NovaSOL does not contain allergens and GMO.